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The New CGA Library on a single DVD replaces the older 3 DVD library with the same files plus more content added. The old files have been optimized allowing the entire library to be put on a single DVD. Each file in the library is now linked to the Table of Contents so that every file may be opened with one click from the table of contents.

Full Word Index
You may search the Full Word Index of the entire library (on the library DVD, not on this website); however the majority of the files contain graphic images of the original documents and are not searchable. All files that do contain text can be searched by using the Full Word Index.

Red Tower Back Issues
This Section of the DVD contains all of the available back issues of the Red Tower from the first issue in 1980 to the August 2007 issue. It allows you to view all of the issues on your web browser, just as you would if they were web pages.

Clan Galbraith Association Gatherings
Clan Galbraith Association Gatherings Photos from our website

Clan Galbraith Association Photo Album
Clan Galbraith Association Photo Album from our website

Data from Noted Contributors

  • ElmerGilbreathBook.pdf - This file is the entire Elmer Gilbreath Book (910 pages with index
  • Alexander_Galbreath_Family.pdf - THE ALEXANDER GALBREATH FAMILY – compiled by Ralph Wiley Sloan, July 1976. 66 pages.
  • Andrew_Gilbreath_of_Virginia.pdf - ANDREW GILBREATH OF VIRGINIA Proof of parents for Hugh Gilbreath born 1781 in Virginia. Allied families, HICKLIN, COFFEY, TURNBOW – by Wilma Loree Gilbreath Miller. 55 pages.
  • Desc_Andrew_Gilbreath_by_David_Gilbreath.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF ANDREW GILBREATH Computer printout by David W Gilbreath – 180 pages 180 pages.
  • Gailbreath_Diana_Hiner.pdf - THE GAILBREATH FAMILY (1991) –Written and compiled by Diana Hiner Gailbreath. Descendants of Joseph and Rebecca (Miller) Gailbreath and their son William who married Isabella (Hutchinson) of Westmoreland Co., PA, to Jefferson Co., KY, to Jackson Co., TN. 252 pages, indexed.
  • Galbraith_Families_Donegal_Collection.pdf - THE GALBRAITHS OF DONEGAL TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER CO., PA - A COMPILATION OF MAJOR RECORDS Contains W. H. Egle’s Galbraith of Donegal, plus a copy of the R.A. Orbison manuscript from the Huntingdon Co., PA Historical Society, with thirteen pages of corrections by Jean Harriger. A copy of the Pennsylvania Section of Elmer Gilbreath’s book, with copies of the Jean Harriger articles that have appeared in the REDTOWER.  198 pages.  INDEXED by Larry & Barbara Patterson, Editors.  Donated by Glenn Smith.
  • Galbraith_Families_Donegal_York_Add.pdf - EARLY GALBRAITHS OF ADAMS (YORK) COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA – Extends Jean Harringer’s work in the area of York County Galbraiths. Reorganized and extended  Sept and Dec. RT articles. INDEXED – by William Gilbreath.  18 pages.
  • John_and_Agnes_Galbreath.pdf – JOHN AND AGNES GALBREATH – by Elmer C Gilbreath with additions by Sharon Reinhardt and Arthur Dewey Crawford. 170 pages.
  • John_Gilbreath_And_Mary_Coffee.pdf - PARTIAL COMPILATION OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN GILBREATH, SR. (1768 - 1850) AND MARY COFFEE – Maury Co., TN family with children: Andrew, James, Jane, and John Jr. 44 pages plus INDEX. - by Jack and Mary Gilbreath.
  • Galbraith_Galbreath_Davidson_Co_TN.pdf - GALBRAITHS/GALBREATHS OF DAVIDSON CO., TN – 64 pages by Nate Galbreath.
  • Then_And_Now.pdf – THEN AND NOW – A partial listing of the descendants of John Galbraith, born in Ireland about 1635 and his son James who emigrated to America in 1718. Settled in Pennsylvania, and his grandson, Arthur, who came to Hawkins Co, Tennessee about 1780. 137 pages.
  • Walta_Heard_Gilbreaths.pdf - MY COLLECTION OF THE GILBREATH FAMILY – by Walta Gilbreath Huard. © - Descendants of Hugh Gilbreath (c1750 - 1801) and Elizabeth, Blount Co., TN. Children: David, John Fisher, Thomas, Hugh, Sarah, and Samuel Gilbreath. 142 pages, plus index.
  • Galbraiths_Gigha2.pdf - BIRTHS DEATHS AND MARRIAGES –Isle of Gigha, Argyll, Scotland 1792-1877 and Baptismal Register 1877-1914 –transcribed by James B G Austin, 86 pages.
  • Galbraiths_Gigha1.pdf - GALBRAITHS OF THE ISLAND OF GIGHA –by Gerald D Galbreath. 7 pages
  • Galbraiths_Of_The_Lennox.pdf - GALBRAITHS OF THE LENNOX –A short history of the Galbraith clan, author unknown retyped  by Bruce W. Galbraith from last known copy. 21 pages.
  • The_Pioneer_Family_GALBRAITH.pdf - THE PIONEER FAMILY GALBRAITH –Author unknown. A summary of many of the descendants of John Galbraith b 1790 in Ireland and Rebecca Jackson and their life in southern Illinois. Includes physical descriptions and personalities of John and Rebecca’s descendants. Retyped by BG Galbraith. 24 pages
  • Galbreath_Family_Genealogy_JWG.pdf - GALBREATH FAMILY GENEALOGY –Joseph William Galbreath. Originally printed in 1976, with supplement printed in 1980. The descendants of David (1799 - 1878) and Sarah (Paxon); Jacob Heston Galbreath b. 12 Feb. 1825, Columbia Co., OH. , INDEXED. 116 pages.
  • Galbreath_Family_Genealogy(QuakerAdd)_JWG.pdf - 1992, SUPPLEMENT TO GALBREATH FAMILY GENEALOGY –The known history of the “Galbreath Quaker Branch”. Begins with James Galbreath I, from Ireland to Chester Co., PA prior to 1750. David Galbreath to South Carolina and Ohio in 1803. 53 pages.
  • Jeffrey_Parsons.pdf - THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN GALBRAITH – by Jeffrey Parsons, 1996. Robert Galbraith   b. 1670, d. 1738, came to America from N. Ireland abt. 1718, settled in Conestoga Twp, Chester Co, PA.  Sons John, James, Samuel, Joseph. INDEXED – 44 pages.
  • JW_Galbreath_Correspondence.pdf - CORRESPONDENCE OF JOSEPH WILLIAM GALBREATH – 260 pages, Not Indexed.
  • Index1USA.pdf - INDEX 1 USA, 1982, CGANA. Compiled and donated by Edwin A. S. Galbraith – 55 pages
  • David_Dickinson_Collection.pdf - GALBRAITH-GALBREATH, compiled and contributed by David Dickinson. Two binders of various records from Mr. Dickinson’s research. Names found in Canada, USA, Scotland, Ireland. – 695 pages
  • BenHuckaby7pages.pdf - GALBRAITH – GALBREATH Data – from Ben Huckaby – 7pages.
  • JosephineHayne6pages.pdf - NEIL GALBREATH b. Grenoch, Scotland m. Catherine, d. 1812 Cumberland Co, NC – hand-& written descendant list with dates, names, places – sub by Josephine Haynes - 6 pages

    Material Relating to Canadian Galbraiths
    Almost all of this material is neatly hand-written on legal-sized pages.

  • CanadaMatl_01.pdf - GALBRAITHS of Bruce & Grey Counties, plus Galbraiths from Hebrides. 3 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_02.pdf - GALBRAITHS WHO CAME FROM SCOTLAND and Settled in and Near Bowmanville, Ontario. 3 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_03.pdf - GALBRAITHS WHO CAME FROM COUNTY ARMAGH and Settled in Camden Twp, County of Lennox and Addington. 24 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_04.pdf - Additional material for page 49 of “GALBRAITH SETTLERS IN 19TH CENTURY ONTARIO”, contributed by Mrs. M. K. Allin. Collingwood Twp., Grey Co. and York Co. near Toronto. 23 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_05.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF JAMES GALBRAITH, ANTRIM COUNTY, NORTHERN IRELAND Who Settled in Scarborough Twp.  (Galbraiths of Canada, Stuart Galbraith) 27 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_06.pdf - GALBRAITHS WHO CAME FROM ISLAND OF ISLAY of the Hebrides and Settled in Oro Township, Simcoe County. 6 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_07.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF JAMES GALBRAITH SR. (1818 - 1906) Who Settled in Cartwright Twp, Durham Co., then in 1860’s Moved to Hawick Twp, Huron Co. 15 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_08.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF CLARK GALBRAITH (1810 - 1863) AND NANCY COCHRANE (1815 - ), Caledon Township, Peel County. 11 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_09.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM GALBRAITH (1805 - ) WHO CAME FROM IRELAND and Settled in or near North Monaghan Twp, Peterborough Co. 10 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_10.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF IRVINE GALBRAITH (1806 - 1886) AND MARY MALLON STEWART, Trafalgar Twp, Huron County and Chatworth, Ontario. 12 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_11.pdf - DESCENDANTS OF DUNCAN GALBRAITH (1842 - 1909) AND MATILDA DAVIS (1862 - 1921). This includes other Galbraiths who settled in the Scottish Settlement of Bruce County near Port Elgin. 15 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_12.pdf - Envelope with copies of Birth and Marriage Records, and Census, from David Dickinson 1991. 38 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_13.pdf - GALBRAITH SETTLERS, 19TH CENTURY ONTARIO, CANADA, Blue Covers, one copy 67 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_14.pdf - GALBRAITH SETTLERS, 19TH CENTURY ONTARIO, CANADA, 1981 ADDENDUM, Edwin A. S. Galbraith, 23 pages.
  • CanadaMatl_15.pdf - 97 pages of loose papers, Canadian matl, Edwin A. S. Galbraith.
  • Index1_Canada_1984.pdf - INDEX I, CANADA, 1984. Index of the Galbraiths or their descendants, born before 1960, & lived in Canada. Compiled by Edwin A. S. Galbraith – 44 pages.
  • BushRiverBuckCoSCQuakers.pdf – Quakers in the Bush River Settlement in Buck County South Carolina, 1 page. 419 pages

    Culcreuch-Galbraith Association Papers (mostly)

  • 1977_Culcreuch_News.pdf – INAUGURAL NEWS REVIEW OF THE CULCREUCH AND GALBRAITH ASSOCIATION NO 1. 1977 1977_ 53 pages.
  • Clan_Galb_Culcreuch_Castle.pdf – THE CLAN GALBRAITH AND CULCREUCH CASTLE 1 March 1977, 31 pages.
  • 1979_Culcreuch_News.pdf - CULCREUCH CASTLE AND THE CLAN GALBRAITH – Sept 1979, 1979_ 20 pages.
  • 1980_Culcreuch_News.pdf – NEWS REVIEW OF THE CULCREUCH AND GALBRAITH ASSN – Sept 1980, 18 pages.
  • 1981_Culcreuch_News.pdf – CULCREUCH AND GALBRAITH ASSN NEWS REVIEW – 1981, 33 pages
  • Galbraith_Clan_1150-1296.pdf – THE CLAN GALBRAITH 1150-1296 – by Donald Tod – 1928, 9 pages.
  • Galbraith_of_Blackhouse.pdf – hand-written copy, hard to read – 13 pages.
  • Dalhillock_Galbraiths_of_Balgair.pdf – MEMOIR OF DALHILLOCK BRANCH OF THE OLD FAMILY OF THE GALBRAITHS OF BALGAIR – by W M Graham-Easton, 33 pages.
  • Thomas_Galbraith_Agnes_Cunningham.pdf - DESCENDANT CHART OF THOMAS GALBRAITH Chief of the Galbraiths AND AGNES CUNNINGHAM Who Brought Balgair – fine script, 3 pages.
  • ThomasGalbraithSchoolmasterInColdstream1654.pdf – THE GALBRAITHS OF COLDSTREAM 1654 AND DESCENDANTS, 16 pages.
  • Bagpipe_Operation.pdf - OPERATION OF THE HIGHLAND BAGPIPE, 1 page.
  • Acquiring_Scottish_Arms.pdf - ON ACQUIRING SCOTTISH ARMS, PART II 3 pages.
  • Celtic_Harp.pdf - THE CELTIC HARP OR CLARSACH, 1 page
  • Central_Penn_Marriages_1700-1896.pdf -CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA MARRIAGES 1700 - 1896, compiled by Charles A. Fisher. 7 pages.
  • Culbreath_Kilbreath_Early_Tennessee.pdf - CULBREATH AND KILBREATH FAMILIES – EARLY TENNESSEE PART I AND II – compiled by Glenn Smith - 18 pages
  • Early_Greene_Co_Other_TN.pdf - EARLY GREENE CO, AND OTHER TENNESSEE DATA – compiled by Glen Smith, 5 pages.
  • Ed_Ladd_Census_Records.pdf – RESEARCH PAPERS OF ED LADD, one binder, donated by Walta Gilbreath Huard. Census records, tax records, from Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, 189 pages.
  • Galbraith_Clan_Zelphia_Koon.pdf – GALBRAITH CLAN AND THEIR DESCENDANTS, by Zelphia Lee Koon (Mrs. James Paul Galbraith). The records of Alexander Galbraith and Nancy Agnes Miller, and their descendants from Northampton, PA to Greene Co., TN. Includes data on the Miller family. Follows the families of : Isabel, Alexander, Thomas, John, Margaret, William, James, Samuel, and Agnes Galbraith, children of Alexander and Nancy (Miller) Galbraith. INDEXED, 360 pages.
  • Galbraiths_of_Canada.pdf – GALBRAITHS OF CANADA – Descendants of James Galbraith of Antrim Ireland 8 pages.
  • Galbraiths_Southern_Frontier_18thCentury.pdf – GALBRAITHS ON THE SOUTHERN FRONTIER IN THE 18TH CENTURY PART I AND II – & census 1810 Augusta Co, VA – Thomas Galbreath, census 1810 Rockbridge Co, VA – Galbreath, Galbraith, Gilchrist 5 pages.
  • Galbreath_Family_by_Everette_Booth.pdf - THE GALBREATH FAMILY TREE – beginning with Angus Galbreath b 1744, m. Margaret Matthews Jan 30, 1800 in Roberson, NC –compiled by Everette Booth 13 pages.
  • Galbreath_Quaker_Connection.pdf. THE GALBREATH QUAKER CONNECTION, 4 pages.
  • Galbreaths_by_Annie_Galbreath_Meyer.pdf - GALBREATH FAMILY HISTORY, BOOK II, SECTION IV, Descendants of James and Martha Galbrath, gathered by Annie Galbreath Meyer. 17 pages.
  • Gen_VA_Families_Galbreath.pdf - CULBREATH – GALBRAITH INFO – by Glenn Smith, 10 pages.
  • Old_Paroch_Rcds_Scotland.pdf - INDEX TO PAROCHIAL REGISTERS OF SCOTLAND, Aberdeen to Lavork. Print-out provided by Mary Fugate. From LDS sources. 136 pages.
  • Thomas_Simpson_Galbraith_of_Canada.pdf – GENEALOGY OF THOMAS SIMPSON GALBRAITH FAMILY OF CANADA 16 pages.
  • John_Galbraith_Barbara_Brown.pdf - THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN AND BARBARA (BROWN) GALBRAITH OF ROCKBRIDGE CO., VA, (c1751 - 1815) and George Galbraith (c1777 - 1835) and his wife Mary, who moved to Mason Co., KY, descendants lived in Bracken Co., Ky. Research donated by Clay Katchmar – 47 pages
  • Culcreuch_Gal_Assn_Fam_Hist.pdf - FAMILY HISTORIES FROM THE CULCREUCH GALBRAITH ASSOCIATION PAPERS – Many Galbraith Family Histories. Some to 1500 AD or earlier. 335 pages.

    Lela Booths Papers
    Lela_Booths_Galbraith_Encyclopedia.pdf - Lela Booth’s “Galbraith Encyclopedia” – Alphabetized list of Galbraiths with data on each – 658 pages.
    These files are, for the most part, named after the file folder they were copied from. Each file contains the pages in one of Lela’s manila folders.
    AndrewGalbraith1692-17-.pdf                                       26 pages
    BertramGalbraith.                                                      65 pages
    CulcreuchEra.pdf                                                     33 pages
    GalbraithsOfTheLennox.pdf                                 18 pages
    GalbraithStocktonBomberger.pdf                        33  pages
    Galbreath.pdf                                                            183  pages
    JamesGalbraith1666-1744.pdf                              155  pages
    JamesGalbraith1703-1786.pdf                              41  pages
    JohnGalbraith_James’.pdf                                    47  pages
    JohnMaryGalbraith.pdf                                          20  pages
    Misc.pdf                                                                       63  pages
    Predecessors.pdf                                                    19  pages
    RebeccaBuyersGalbraith.pdf                                25  pages
    RobtGalbraith_sonOfJmsJms.pdf                       41  pages
    Photos Folder containing 20 color photos        20  pages                                                                                                                          
    Table Of Contents.pdf  (An abbreviated Table of Contents for all of the data on Lela Booths Papers
                                                                                        789 pages

    Jean Harrigers Papers

    These files are named to be descriptive of the main subject matter in the file.

    AndrewGalbraith1-1692-17--.pdf                                         11 pages
    AndrewGalbraithDesc_DaveColwellLine.pdf                   73 pages
    ArmstrongCoGalbraiths.pdf                                                 4 pages
    ArmstrongCo_IndianaCo_PAGalbraiths.pdf                    32 pages
    ArthurGalbraith-SO-AndrewOfDonegal.pdf                      27 pages
    ButlerCoPARecords.pdf                                                        27 pages
    CentreCoPAGalbraiths.pdf                                                   5 pages
    CumberlandCoPATaxLists.pdf                                           26 pages
    DARRecords.pdf                                                                    32 pages
    DickinsonTwp CumberlandCoGalbraiths.pdf                  8 pages
    DonegalChurch.pdf                                                               27 pages
    DonegalChurchHistory.pdf                                                  12 pages
    ElizabethCaseyOfIllinois_JnOfIrelandLine.pdf               10 pages
    Galbraith-Gass-Notes.pdf                                                     11 pages
    GalbraithMisc.pdf                                                                   13 pages
    GalbraithStewartLines-CoDonegalIreland.pdf                 28 pages
    GeorgeGalbraith1750-1822.pdf                                            4 pages
    IGI-PA-Galbraiths.pdf                                                             4 pages
    JamesGalbraithIII_1765-1806.pdf                                       3 pages
    JamesGalbraithJrCumbCoPA.pdf                                      55 pages
    JamesGalbraith_notJofIJames.pdf                                     4 pages
    John-MaryGalbraithFamilyBibleRecords.pdf                    8 pages
    JohnGalbraithDonegalTwpWestmorelandCo.pdf            11 pages
    JohnGalbraithOfButlerCo1761-18-.pdf                               43 pages
    JohnGalbraithOfPhil-PA-Will-Died1766.pdf                      2 pages
    JohnGalbraithSr-RockbridgeCoVA.pdf                               49 pages
    JohnGalbraith_1690-1753_LancCoPA.pdf                         8 pages
    JohnGalbreath-AmandaThomas.pdf                                   11 pages
    KentuckyGalbreaths.pdf                                                        8 pages
    LancasterCoCtHouse.pdf                                                      23 pages
    LancasterCoPADeeds-Warrants.pdf                                   14 pages
    LancasterCoPAHistoryDeedsWillsWarrants.pdf              56 pages
    LancasterCoPAMaps.pdf                                                       9 pages
    LancasterCoTownships-History.pdf                                    3 pages
    LancCoHistSoc01-07-1897.pdf                                             13 pages
    LancCoHistSoc10-02-1908.pdf                                             12 pages
    LoreeMiller_Gilbreath Ltrs.pdf                                             80 pages
    LouiseGalbraithLetters.pdf                                                   23 pages
    LouiseGalbreathPapers-WillsDeedsCourtRecords.pdf       114 pages
    MargaretGalbraithManningBio.pdf                                    12 pages
    MaryCole_GalbraithNotes-Ltrs.pdf                                     31 pages
    OhioQuakerGalbreaths.pdf                                                   19 pages
    PA-OHGalbraithMisc.pdf                                                      88 pages
    PAVitalRecords.pdf                                                               8 pages
    PhiladelphiaCoWillsAbstract.pdf                                         6 pages
    RobertGalbraith.pdf                                                              10 pages
    RobertGalbraith1760-1826BuffaloTwpButlerCoPA.pdf     37 pages
    RobertGalbreath-MaryWeldon.pdf                                       6 pages
    RobtGalbreathSrBuffaloCoDeeds.pdf                                  50 pages
    SamuelGalbraith_Gunsmith_AllegCo.pdf                           33 pages
    TheOtherRobtGalbraith-ButlerCoPA.pdf                            19 pages
    ThomasGalbraith1740-1785.pdf                                           42 pages
    WarOf1812Records.pdf                                                         6 pages
    WestmorelandCoPAMatl.pdf                                                58 pages
    WilliamGalbraith_1788-1851_HuntingdonCoPA.pdf        10 pages
    YorkCoPACourthouseRecords.pdf                                       25 pages
                                                                                                    1363 pages
    Bob Galbraith’s Papers
    These files are from Bob’s Notes and Records

    Ab_Obice_What.pdf                                                              1 page
    AncientScottishGalbraithsIndex.pdf                                    3 pages
    ArkansasGilbreth_Gilbreath.pdf                                          159 pages
    Arthur.pdf                                                                              1 page
    BobGalbraithFamilyRecords.pdf                                          31 pages
    ButlerCoPA_et_al.pdf                                                           20 pages
    CalbreathsBornInScotland.pdf                                             3 pages
    Craig-Gilbreath.pdf                                                               16 pages
    EdwinASGalbraith.pdf                                                          4 pages
    Galbraith-Galbreath-PA-TN-KY.pdf                                    48 pages
    GalbraithsAndGigha.pdf                                                       7 pages
    GalbraithsEtcBornInUS.pdf                                                 149 pages
    GalbraithsGalbreathsBornInScotland.pdf                           299 pages
    Gilbreath-StalcupFamilies.pdf                                             18 pages
    GilbrethGalbreathNC-TN-IL.pdf                                         17 pages
    HughGilbreath_b1777NC.pdf                                               51 pages
    JamesGalbraith-Antrim-Ir.pdf                                             16 pages
    JamesGilbreath_b1776NC.pdf                                              6 pages
    JohnGalbraith1817-1891-MaryAnne1809-1883.pdf           3 pages
    JohnsonvilleIllinoisGalbraiths.pdf                                      119 pages
    JohnWesleyGilbreath_b1784NC.pdf                                    22 pages
    Kincaid-Galbraith_Connection.pdf                                      10 pages
    LillianMGilbreth_40c_Stamp.pdf                                        1 page
    MargaretGilbreathHarrison.pdf                                          8 pages
    MaxwellGalbraith-MarySomerville.pdf                               2 pages
    Monongahela_Cemetery_Galbraiths.pdf                             2 pages
    NeilGalbreath-MaryMacNeil-EffieBlue.pdf                        46 pages
    PAGalbraithDataVarSources.pdf                                         16 pages
    PAGalbraiths.pdf                                                                   193 pages
    PA_Galbraith_CensusRecords.pdf                                       4 pages
    PA_Galbraith_Notes.pdf                                                       142 pages
    RobertLeoGalbraithFamHist.pdf                                         66 pages
    TennesseeRecordsExtracts.pdf                                             176 pages
    ThomasGalbraithWill1775.pdf                                             1 page
    WilliamGalbraithAndCatherineGalbreath.pdf                    97 pages
    1763 pages



    Cornelia Alexander’s Papers

    These files are Cornelia Alexander’s notes that Bob maintained in his library after Cornelia’s death. Bob and Cornelia had a long history of cooperation in Galbraith Genealogy research.

    1790PACensusGilbreathEtc.pdf                                           2  pages
    AIS_Indexes-GalbraithNameVariants.pdf                          40  pages
    AlexanderGalbraith-N_hamptonCoPA-TN.pdf                   67  pages
    AlexanderGalbraith_AgnesMiller.pdf                                 50  pages
    AlexanderHaysGilbreath.pdf                                                4  pages
    AnnaCulbreathDauOfPhocionObit.pdf                                1 page
    Coffee_Family.pdf                                                                 55  pages
    CorneliaA-MrsJohnHall-GilreathLtrs.pdf                          61  pages
    CorneliaAlexanderAncestors.pdf                                         5  pages
    CulbreathsInTiptonCoTN.pdf                                               3  pages
    Gal-NC-TN-IL-MO-AR-TX-Southwest.pdf                         61  pages
    Galbraith-Galbreath-Gilbreath-TN-Marriages.pdf            10  pages
    Galbraith-Galbreath-PAto_KYandIN.pdf                            29  pages
    Galbraith-Galbreath_KY-IN.pdf                                          19  pages
    GalbraithLandWarrants-TN.pdf                                          15  pages
    GalbraithMigration-PA-OH-IN-TX.pdf                              13  pages
    GalbraithsInPA-TN.pdf                                                        12  pages
    GalbreathJacksonCoTN.pdf                                                 4  pages
    GalbreathRecords_NC-TN.pdf                                             22  pages
    Galbreaths-PA-Rockbridge-Augusta_Co_VA.pdf               22  pages
    Gilbreath-Hicklin_Connection.pdf                                      9  pages
    GilbreathGalbreathMauryCoTN.pdf                                    7  pages
    GilbreathsOfAlabama.pdf                                                     2  pages
    GilbrethGilbreath_et_al_AR-TX.pdf                                    15  pages
    Gilbreths.pdf                                                                          14  pages
    Gilreath-GilbreathNC-MO-KS-IL.pdf                                 122  pages
    GilreathsOfNC-SC.pdf                                                          74  pages
    HughGalbraithCoGalwayIR.pdf                                           4  pages
    HughGilbreathAndSallyKnightonDescendants.pdf            6  pages
    IredellCoNC.pdf                                                                    7  pages
    JacksonCoTN.pdf                                                                  14  pages
    James_Kyle-Early_PA_Immigrant.pdf                                6  pages
    JnGalbreathD1769YorkPADescendants-TN-NC.pdf          27  pages
    JohnAndElizabethAikmanGalbreathDescendants.pdf        27  pages
    JohnGalbreathAgnesLangwell.pdf                                       7  pages
    Johnston-Galbreath-Rockbridge-AugustaCo-VA.pdf         9  pages
    KY_HenryCo-ShelbyCo_Records.pdf                                   13  pages
    MauryCoTNMarriages.pdf                                                   1 page
    MauryCoTNRecords.pdf                                                       8  pages
    MecklenburgCoNCPropertyTransactions.pdf                     2  pages
    MtVernonIllGalbraiths.pdf                                                   5  pages
    NCLandGrants.pdf                                                                2  pages
    Ohio1953ClanGalbraithMailingList.pdf                             12  pages
    OhioGalbraiths_Galbreaths.pdf                                           27  pages
    OrangeCoNCWill-MarriageAbstracts.pdf                           21  pages
    PAGalbraithGalbreathRecords.pdf                                      9  pages
    QuakerGalbreaths-NC-SC-OH.pdf                                      64  pages
    Sarah_Galbreath_Rutherford_Co_NC.pdf                          10  pages
    Southern_IL_Galbraiths.pdf                                                9  pages
    S_IllinoisGalbraiths.pdf                                                       31  pages
    ThomasGalbraithWill.pdf                                                     1 page
    ThomasGalbraith_sic_MargaretWhite_IL.pdf                    13  pages
    TN_Census1820-1860.pdf                                                     12  pages
    TN_Galbraith_Wills-Records.pdf                                         37  pages
    TorcalGalbreath_son-of_Neil.pdf                                        20  pages
    WilliamGalbraithAndPhebeFormanDescendants.pdf        33  pages
    William_K_Kulbeth_1765-1835.pdf                                     4  pages
    Will_of_Joshua_Coffee_1797.pdf                                        2  pages
    WmGalbraithCatherineGalbreathDesc.pdf                         44  pages
    WmGalbraithDescendants-TN-IL.pdf                                  18  pages
    WmGalbreath-ColeCo_IL.pdf                                              29  pages
    WmGalbreathNC-PA.pdf                                                      13  pages
    YorkCoPA_CorneliaA.pdf                                                     14  pages
    YorkCoPA_WillsLandWarrantsTaxes.pdf                           7  pages
                                                                                                    1306 pages
    End of Bob Galbraith’s Papers

    John and Barbara Brown Galbraith files               234 pages

                Family Group Sheets.pdf

    Miscellaneous Records

    Aeneas Sharpe Galbraith Family Photos                             13 pages
    Franklin-Saline-Hamilton Co, Illinois Galbraiths                378 pages
    The above 378 pages contain many photos and documents
    related to the small group of Galbraiths that lived in
    Franklin-Saline, and Hamilton Counties, most of which
    are descendants of John and Rebecca Galbraith.  They will
    be of very limited interest, so the many associated files
    are not listed separately in this table of contents
    Clan Galbraith Assn Historical Photos                                26 pages
    Andrew and Sarah Galbraith Descendants (Australia)      208 pages 
    Archaic Scottish Terms Glossary                                         60 pages
    Balgair Court Records 1706-1736                                        31 pages
    Balgair Case                                                                          191 pages
    Canadian Genealogical Archives                                           1 page
    Flax Growers List 1796                                                          1 page
    Galbraith (1 page from Sir Ian Moncreiff’s book)              2 pages
    Galbraith Church Records                                                    17 pages
    Galbraith Births in Ireland                                                    13 pages
    Galbraith Death, Marriage, Burgess Records                     12 pages
    Galbraith, Galbreath – Davidson Co. Tennessee                52 pages
    Galbraith_Newspaper_Clippings_1731-1799                      480 pages
    Galbraith Reunion 1929 (Irvine Galbraith Desc.)                 1 page
    Independence Co, Arkansas Marriages                                 5 pages
    Indiana Galbreath Vital Statistics                                        15 pages
    John Galbraith, Margaret Buchanan descendants              83 pages
    Kintyre Cemetery Photos                                                     17 pages
    Miscellaneous Records – Jean Harriger                              49 pages
    Old Parish Records Scot Galbraith Mariages to 1854        52 pages
    Prerogative Wills                                                                     1 page
    PRONI Galbraith Data                                                           4 pages
    Samuel D Gilbreath, Charlotta Carter                                  2 pages
    Scot Births to Galbraith mothers sorted by year                79 pages
    Scot Births to Galb mothers by Mother Father Parish       79 pages
    Scot Galbraith births sorted by Father Mother Parish       104 pages
    Ulster Covenant of 1912                                                       14 pages
                                                                                                    2224 pages
    Total 16114 pages

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