Galbraith Motto - Ab Obice Saevior "All The Stronger When Opposed" 

The Clan Galbraith Association (CGA) was formed in January, 1980 at the request of the Council of Scottish Clan Associations. Our goal is to rekindle the Galbraith Clan spirit and closeness among our members, to assist and encourage genealogical research pertaining to the Galbraith family, and to collect, collate and store Galbraith history and genealogical data so that it is readily available to our families and descendants. We also strive to further the preservation of our Scottish traditions, art, music, and culture.

Membership in CGA is open to those persons related by blood or marriage to the Galbraith Clan, or who can establish a reasonable presumption of direct descent from an ancestor meeting the name requirement. This shall include the surnames: Calbreath, Colbath, Colbreath, Galberth, Galbreath, Galbreth, Gilbraith, Gilbreath, Gilbreth, Gilreath, Kilbreath, Kilbreth, Kulbeth, or any of the other spelling variants of the Galbraith surname. CGA is non-sectarian, non-political, and non-profit.

The photo at left shows the 77 members of ClanGalbraith Association who attended the bi-annual Gathering in 2012, held in Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Culcreuch Castle, the ancestral home of the Galbraith clan (circa 1260 AD), is visible in the background. In 2014 we were at Charleston SC and 2016 is planned for Vancouver BC. 

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 The representative Flags of the Clan Galbraith Association are shown here. These flags represent current Clan Members. It is because of these that we have truly become an International Organization !!!

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About the Clan

Various publications have listed the Galbraiths as a sept of the MacDonald Clan, but this is no historical basis for these claims. After the defeat of the Lennox rising in 1425, some Galbraiths left the area and settled on Kintyre and the Isle of Gigha. Due to their location, these families would have been vassals of Donald. This relatively small group of families did not include the Galbraith chief or any armigerous gentlemen, or any known cadets of the chief's line. This appears to be the only basis for the MacDonald claims. These questions of differences were posed to the Lord Lyon in 1982 by the Clan Galbraith Association. His reply stated unequivocally that the Galbraiths were not a sept of any other clan, and are considered a separate clan entitled to a chief of their own. As the Clan Galbraith currently has no chief, the last being James the 18th in the 17th century, it is known in heraldic terms as an ‘armerigous clan’ - meaning a clan with no current chief recognised by the Court of the Lord Lyon. For more see Galbraith History.

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